WordPress security

Over the weekend I saw this post about some recent attacks on WordPress sites and verifying WordPress security is enabled. I thought for a moment about adding a password limit plugin when I remembered that I had installed WordFence which actually includes an incorrect password limiting feature. There are a ton of other options to go through with WordFence but here are some of the basic features included in the free version. (more…)

Enabling 2-step verification on your Google account

Want to add another layer of security to your Google account – try enabling “2-step verification”.

Some things to understand before enabling 2-step verification for your Google account:

  • Certain applications won’t work with your normal Google password with 2-step verification enabled. These applications include:
    • Smartphone (Android, iPhone, etc) email apps
    • Email clients that use IMAP/POP (Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc)
    • Chat clients (Google talk)
  • Anytime you log into your Google account from a different computer than you’ve specified as a trusted computer – more on this below