IFTTT to the rescue!


I recently received an email from TimeHop letting me know they had decided to sunset their Daily Email feature and will be focusing on their mobile app. The Daily Email feature was a simple email sent each day with your social media posts from a year ago. It’s a simple enough feature but I enjoyed seeing my posts from a year ago that day and didn’t want to stop receiving them.

I started to think about writing my own simple application that would remind me to check the TimeHop page each day when I remembered about the amazingly useful site called IFTTT.

IFTTT stands for “If this, then that” and is a way of using the Internet to automate reactions based on actions.

You can use IFTTT to automate all sorts of different tasks, called “recipes”. A simple Google search yields hundreds of thousands of results.

date and time channel icon
Date & Time channel icon

To create my recipe I used the Date & Time channel, set a time for the email and chose the email response. You also have the choice of using the Gmail channel which will allow you to specify the recipient.

Email response icon
Email response icon

Once that’s all setup and ready to go, you should see an email pop up in your inbox reminding you to check.

Here’s a link to the Timehop daily reminder I created if you want to take the lazy way out. Enjoy!


[UPDATE]: As it turns out, TimeHop decided to do away with their webapp as well and focus solely on their iOS app so this particular IFTTT recipe won’t work as detailed above.  IFTTT is still a crazy cool webapp though!