Simple invoicing for small business


For a while I was using an Excel template to send out invoices whenever I did some tech consulting. That worked ok for one-off invoices but it was definitely a pain when trying to keep everything organized and looking back at past invoices.

freshbooks site
Freshbooks website

I started using an online service called Freshbooks. They have a real easy “try before you buy” type of pricing model: FREE for up to 3 clients. I figured I’d give it a spin to see what it was like.

Although they don’t have an official Freshbooks Android app [Update]: They now have an official Android app, but there are also 3rd party apps out there that use Freshbooks’ API to interact with your account. I used TimeDroid for Freshbooks. For what I need, it works flawlessly. I used it to keep track of my time when I’m doing work. I open the app, start the timer, close it and go about my business. When I’m finished, I open the app back up, stop the timer, select the client from a drop-down and tap save. It automagically adds the time to the client on my Freshbooks account and I’m done. When I go to invoice that client, all the time is there.

If you need to create a one-time invoice on the fly, there’s, You can add all the information you need and then save it as a PDF to send to your client.


2015-09-13 – Updated post to include Freshbooks’ official Android app