Install Selenium for fun (and profit!)


So you want to install Selenium?


There are a couple ways to install¬†Selenium on your system.¬†If you already have PIP installed, it’s as easy as running the following from your command line:

pip install -U selenium

This will check to see if you already have selenium installed and, if you do, upgrade it if there is one available. If you don’t, it’ll install the python bindings for Selenium.

Python bindings?! Yep, Selenium comes in several flavors. Head over to the download page for Selenium to check them out and find the programming language you’re most familiar with.

Another way to install Selenium is to download the source distribution from PyPi, unarchive it, and install it using the following Python command:

python install

This will run the via the Python version that’s installed on your system.


The commands above should be system-independent meaning you can run them on Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.selenium logo