YOU’RE DOING IT RIGHT; Santa’s Village

tl;dr: Santa’s Village – you’re doing it right. If you have young kid(s)  this is a good place to bring them to let them burn through some energy.

This past weekend, my family and I took a small mini-vacation to North Conway New Hampshire. We drove up on Friday afternoon and back on Sunday evening. We booked a 2-night package at the Fox Ridge resort that included a visit to Santa’s Village, a children’s theme park.


IFTTT to the rescue!

I recently received an email from TimeHop letting me know they had decided to sunset their Daily Email feature and will be focusing on their mobile app. The Daily Email feature was a simple email sent each day with your social media posts from a year ago. It’s a simple enough feature but I enjoyed seeing my posts from a year ago that day and didn’t want to stop receiving them.

I started to think about writing my own simple application that would remind me to check the TimeHop page each day when I remembered about the amazingly useful site called IFTTT. (more…)

WordPress security

Over the weekend I saw this post about some recent attacks on WordPress sites and verifying WordPress security is enabled. I thought for a moment about adding a password limit plugin when I remembered that I had installed WordFence which actually includes an incorrect password limiting feature. There are a ton of other options to go through with WordFence but here are some of the basic features included in the free version. (more…)

Enabling 2-step verification on your Google account

Want to add another layer of security to your Google account – try enabling “2-step verification”.

Some things to understand before enabling 2-step verification for your Google account:

  • Certain applications won’t work with your normal Google password with 2-step verification enabled. These applications include:
    • Smartphone (Android, iPhone, etc) email apps
    • Email clients that use IMAP/POP (Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc)
    • Chat clients (Google talk)
  • Anytime you log into your Google account from a different computer than you’ve specified as a trusted computer – more on this below